Insurance may be called coverage in case of unfortunate misshapen .

Complete knowledge of product is essential before taking the policy 

A proper insurance does not only save money in the form of premium but also help in case of misshapen.

Some times although insured has taken the Insurance , but In the absence of proper insurance due to lack of knowledge he suffer a lot in case of loss and  ruins  badly. Some time he may not able to stand in case of catastrophic loses.

Don’t make any gap of time at the time of renewal , as sometime unfortunately loss during this time defeated the all object of Insurance.

Mostly policies expires at 12 night on expiry date and there is no provision of  grace period for coverage.

Don’t forget to check the  policy apart from competitive premium rates , as some time the following defect may be put  in order to make the policy  attractive and Competitive.

  1. whether policy is draft in such a way , which fulfill your requirement..

  2. The sum insured in the policy are proper and the same as required by you.

  3. Exclusion if any in the policy to be checked properly.

  4. Whether any risk has been deleted from the scope of policy.

  5. Whether the excess impose are normal or some extra excess has been imposed.

  6. Whether the policy has been rightly draft i.e. correct risk code, correct E.Q. zone etc.

  7.  Please ensure that declaration made in the proposal are correct and all important fact has been correctly declared , as some time  wrong declaration can reject the claim . For example if no claim bonus is availed with wrong declaration in motor insurance the claim is  not payable at all.

  8. It will be in your favor to take the health policy in early age , since mostly insurer accept the risk up to specific age and make some medical test compulsory after the particular age or  restrict the coverage by putting some clauses. 

Different Insurance are available for all Individual , Professional, Transporters, Traders , Importer , Exporters , Builders , Contractors , Manufacturer , School , College , Educational Institute , Hospital , Hotels , Cinema , Petrol Pump etc. 

Special Contingency policy can also   be designed as per special requirement of Insured.


Some Social Security Scheme by Government

Prdhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna

Prdhan Mantri Surksha Bima Yojna

Prdhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna

Suknya Samridhi Yojna

Prdhan Mantri Ujawal Yojna

Rastrya Swasth Bima Yojna

National Pension Scheme

Atal Pension Yojna

Insurance for all Individual



A Personal Accident Cover provides compensation due to death and disability in the event of unforeseen accident.

In a Personal Accident policy 100% of sum insured is payable in case of accidental death.

In the event of disability, compensation varies from a fixed percentage of the sum insured in the case of permanent disability to weekly compensation for temporary disablement.

Often these policies provide some form of medical cover along with the accident benefit

Other feature of the policy:-

The policy is applicable worldwide

There is no limit of sum insured, but depends on the annual earning of insured.

There is limitation of coverage and sum insured for non earning insured

Weekly benefits under the policy can be up to 104 weeks in case of total disablement

Medical expenses in case of accident can be payable up to specific limit on extra premium.

Cumulative bonus is benefit in the form of increased sum insured under the policy.

Education funds and transportation are additional benefits under the policy.

Other likewise coverage on low premium is:-

Janta Personal Accident Insurance

Prdhan Mantri Jan surksha Bima Policy

Flight Coupon NRI Accident ,Traffic Accident & Workers Accidents are other form of policy


Health Insurance provides cover, which takes care of medical expenses following hospitalization from sudden illness and accident.

Cover extends to Pre- Hospitalization and Post Hospitalization for period of 30 days and 60 days respectively or as per policy condition.

In Mostly Health Policies:-

Cashless facilities are provided in all network hospitals.

There are waiting period of 30 days for the first time, however it does not applicable on renewal in the next years,

Pre-existing diseases are excluded.

Some diseases are not covered during first and/ or second years.

Mostly policies cover the Pre-existing diseases after third or Fourth years of policy

Rebate on Income Tax under section 80 D on premium paid on health policies.

In these days of super specialties facilities, medical services are become very expensive. Different type of health policies available are of a great help in availing the best of treatment at affordable price.

Individual Health coverage

An individual insured can cover himself along with family members such as spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, dependent parents in law, dependent siblings etc. Some insurers do not have a restriction on the dependents who can be covered. It is possible to cover each of such dependent insured under a single policy with a separate sum insured chosen for each insured person. In such covers, each person insured under the policy can claim up to the maximum amount of his sum insured during the currency of the policy. Premium will be charged for each individual insured according to his age and sum insured chosen and any other rating factor.


Family floater coverage

In the variant known as a family floater policy, the family consisting of spouse, dependent children and dependent parents are offered a single sum insured which floats over the entire family ,it means that during the policy period, it will pay for claims related to more than one family member or multiple claims of a single member of the family. All these together cannot exceed the total sum insured.,

However the amount is limited to 50% of sum insured of the policy for any one illness.


With advancement in medical science, people are surviving some of the major diseases like cancer, strokes and heart attack etc. which in earlier times would have resulted in death. Again, life expectancy has increased considerably after surviving such major illnesses. However surviving a major illness entails huge expense for treatment as well as for living expenses post treatment. Thus onset of critical illness threatens financial security of a person


Critical illness policy is a benefit policy with a provision to pay a lump sum amount on diagnosis of certain named critical illness.

Critical illnesses are major illnesses that could not only lead to very high hospitalization costs, but could also cause disability, loss of limbs, loss of earning etc. and may require prolonged care post hospitalization.

A critical illness policy is often recommended to be taken in addition to a hospital indemnity policy, so that the compensation under the policy could help in overcoming the financial burden of a family whose member is affected by such illness.

The critical illnesses covered vary across insurers but the common ones include

Cancers of specified severity

ü Acute myocardial infarction

ü Coronary artery surgery

ü Heart valve replacement

ü Coma of specified severity

ü Renal failure

Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms

ü Major organ / bone marrow transplant

ü Multiple sclerosis

ü Motor Neuron disease

ü Permanent paralysis of limbs

ü Permanent disability due to major accidents



These plans are designed to offer cover to elderly people who often were denied coverage after certain age (e.g. people over 60 years of age). The structure of the coverage and exclusions are much like a hospitalization policy.

Special attention is paid to diseases of the elderly in setting coverage and waiting period. Entry age is mostly after 60 years and renewable lifelong. Sum insured range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5, 00,000 .There is variation of sum insured & waiting period applicable to certain ailments. Example: Cataract may have 1 year waiting for one insurer and 2 year waiting period for some other insurer.

Also certain ailments may not have waiting period for a particular insurer where as another may have. Example: Sinusitis does not fall in waiting period clause of some insurers but few others include it in their waiting period clause.

Pre-existing disease has either a waiting period or capping in some policies. Pre-post hospital expenses are either paid as a percentage of hospital claims or a sub limit whichever is higher. In some policies they follow the typical indemnity plans such as expenses falling within specified period of 30/60 days or 60/90 days.



The top-up plan is important as it provides additional coverage over existing health insurance policy. A base health insurance plan will pay the medical bills up-to the definite sum insured, but a top-up plan will assist you by covering the medical bills after a definite threshold limit. It is really a good thing that you have a health policy, but what will you do if your base health insurance plan fails to meet your requirements during hospitalization, from where you will arrange the rest of the amount? In that case a top-up plan would be able to assist you completely. It will pay for your expenses during hospitalization, when your existing health insurance policy got exhausted. All the benefits of the top-up plan are the same as in the normal health insurance policy.

Pay the medical bills when your existing policy or deductible limits is worn-out.



Third Party Liability Coverage

The cover is for third party liabilities of insured only and not for damage to vehicle

The liabilities under the policy may unlimited as per court Orders.

The cover is compulsory for all vehicles as per motor vehicle act


Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Policy covers the risk of vehicle damages due to fire, theft, accident, natural calamities and much more, in addition to the Third Party Liability coverage.

Sum Insured (IDV) is the maximum amount payable for damages to Vehicle.

No claim discount is the amount of discount given in the premium to the owner of vehicle in each claim free year.


Zero Depreciation cover

If you choose the zero depreciation cover then you will get the original cost of the part and not the depreciated one from the insurer. Usually the companies offer this add on cover to those vehicle which are 2 to 3 years old. For taking advantage of this add-on-cover you have to pay an extra small amount apart from the basic premium.

Roadside Assistance Cover

With a vehicle insurance policy, you will get various kinds of assistance in a form of add-on covers. These can be emergency transport, daily allowances, assistance in case of a dead battery, taxi benefits, towing facilities, assistance if the fuel in the car runs out, freebies and many more. These small things help you effectively when you got stuck in unwanted situation

Invoice cover

Commonly known as the Return To Invoice cover. This add on benefit assists the insured person in case of a complete loss of your car because of any damage caused by an accident. In such type of situations the insurance company will pay the depreciated value of the car to the insured, but with the help of this add-on coverage, you will receive the amount that will assist you in buying a new car.

Replacement cover

This feature of the plan assists you if you lose the keys of your car, this feature will cover the expenses of its replacement. This will also provide coverage for the procurement of new locks. Normally the insured will be able to take advantage of this plan once in the whole policy.

Other Important Provision:-

Extra premium is chargeable for covering electrical fittings, CNG unit, LPG fuel tank. Discount is allowed for Automobile Association Member, Vintage car and vehicle fitted with Anti-theft device.

Concession will be given in the premium for laid up vehicle and vehicle specially designed for the use of physically handicapped person.

Personal accident for owner driver and other occupant is very important provision.


Baggage Insurance



Householder’s insurance is the Package or Umbrella policies which covers numbers of perils in a single policy.

The house structure and its contents are covered against fire, riots including  lightning, explosion and aircraft fall / impact damage  storm, tempest, flood and inundation (commonly known as STFI) bursting of pipes, earthquakes etc. Apart from the structure, it covers the contents against burglary, housebreaking, larceny and theft


Jewellery whilst being worn or kept in locked safe can also be insured under householder’s insurance. Cover is also given for antiques and works of art.


Householder’s insurance also provides coverage for loss of personal baggage, electrical and mechanical failure of domestic and electronic appliances.


Some insurers also provide coverage for pedal cycle, personal accident and workmen’s compensation.

Plate glass and television insurance, though covered under this insurance, can also be taken separately if desired by the insured

. Terrorism is generally excluded but can be given as an extension. War and allied perils; depreciation, wear and tear; consequential loss and nuclear perils are excluded.






Money and valuable all risk insurance



 Professional Liability

Professional indemnities are designed to provide insurance protection to professional people against their legal liability to pay damages arising out of negligence in the performance of their professional duties. Such covers are available for doctors hospitals; engineers, architects; chartered accountants, financial consultants, lawyers, insurance brokers


Life Insurance Policy is an agreement between the insured and the insurance company where insurer (insurance company) agrees to pay the nominee of the insured a lump sum amount in the event of any mishap with the insured to the nominee / family members.


Term plan are purely risk plan, in case of any mishap full sum insured is payable.


Investment Plans are a combination of both investment as well as insurance. A part of the premium you pay is used to provide you insurance coverage (Life cover) and remaining part is invested in the financial instrument as per your risk taking capacity. Such plans help you fulfil your Short-Term as well as Long-Term Financial Goals.


Pension plans are also popularly known as retirement’s plans, in which you can use a part of your current savings to secure your post-retirement life


Income source

When you stop earning after the retirement, pension plan acts as your source of income


You don’t need to depend on anyone else for your survival when you’ll be getting a fixed income after the retirement

Benefit to dependants

In case of any unfortunate event, your nominee (dependent) can get the sum assured on maturity

Tax Benefits

You can avail the tax deduction for contribution to Pension fund to the extent of Rs. 1,00,000 under section 80C of Income tax Act.


Different Insurance for Different Entrepreneur

Group Personal Accident Insurance for a group of staff & workers

Workers Accident Insurance for Workers

Group Health Insurance for Group of Staff & Workers

All type of Motor Vehicle Insurance ( Two wheeler/ Car/ Comm. Vehicle )

Overseas Travel / Mediclaim Insuran

Professional Indemnity Insurance  (Doctors/ Architect/ Engineer/CA etc. )

Fire & Special Perils insurance  on Building, contacts & Machinery

Fire Loss of Profit Insurance

Burglary , Housebreaking and Theft Insurance( contact & Machinery)

Cash in Transit and Cash In Safe Insurance

Baggage Insurance ( Personal Baggage & Trade Sample )

Goods in Transit Insurance by Road , Rail , Air , Sea , Inland Or Overseas any where in the world

Duty and Increased Value policy for Importers

Liability Insurance ( Third Party Liability/ Public Liability/ carrier Legal Liability etc )

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance

Electronics Equipment Insurance

Contractor All Risk , Erection All risk & Contractor Plant and Machinery

Different Package Policies

Householder Package Policy

Shop Keepers Package Policy 

Office Package Policy

Medical Establishment Insurance

Jewelers Block Insurance For Jewelers

L P Gas Package Policy

Petrol Pump Insurance

Different Rural Insurance

Cattle Insurance

Animal drawn Vehicle Insurance

Agricultural Pump set Insurance

Poultry Insurance

Fish Insurance

Silkworm Insurance

Hut Insurance

Janta Personal accident Insurance

Bio Gas Plant Insurance

Honey Bee insurance






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